Maria Murray Robinson

Name: Maria Murray Robinson (Murray)
Death Date: 1903
Death Location: Evanston Illinois, USA
Burial Place: said to be with the Vane family


Maria Murray Robinson (1840s-1900) was the first African-American woman known to have lived in Evanston. She was born into slavery on a Maryland plantation in the 1840s. She came to Evanston as a free woman with the Allen Vane family in 1855, for whom she worked as a domestic. She was listed as a member of First Methodist Church of Evanston in 1859. She married George Robinson in 1868 and some years later they moved into a home at 325 Dempster Street. In 1882, Maria and George Robinson were among the founders of 2nd Baptist Church and later helped found Mount Zion Baptist Church. Maria Murray Robinson died in 1900 and was buried with the Vane family.

Years in Evanston: 1870-1903

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