Women’s History Tours

There are several ways you can visit Evanston women’s history sites and locales.

Each year, the Evanston History Center hosts a walking tour of Evanston women’s sites. In 2022, the walking tour will be on September 17 at 11 am – tours begin at the Frances Willard House Museum at 1730 Chicago Avenue. For more information and registration, visit the history center’s website – https://www.evanstonhistorycenter.org/tours-2/#walkingtours

The Frances Willard House Museum is open for tours. Visit their website for more information – https://franceswillardhouse.org/

For a self-guided tour of the parks in Evanston named for women, visit Clio where we’ve created the Evanston Women’s History Tour which guides you through 10 of the parks in Evanston named for women. Clio can be accessed as a website at theclio.com or can be downloaded in your app store. An additional option is to download the pdf version of the tour (below), print, and follow along on your own. Enjoy!