Jessie Chandler

Name: Jessie Chandler
Birth Date: December 11, 1874
Birth Place: Chicago Illinois, USA
Death Date: January 14, 1954
Death Location: Evanston Hospital Illinois, USA


Jessie Jane Chandler was the first president of the Evanston Visiting Nurse Association in 1897 and one of the three founding organizers. The VNA provided home health services in Evanston, such as caring for patients during the flu epidemic of 1918 and coping with the nursing shortages during World War II. In addition, she was Vice President of Chandler’s Inc., which was founded by her brother-in-law.

Father: Hannibal Harlow Chandler
Mother: Mary JV Chandler
Children: Four: Eleanor, Ruth, Katherine, Charles
Years in Evanston: 1890-1925 (lived in Evanston for 35 years)

Sources: Evanston History Centre Subject Files, Evanston Women: Newspaper Clippings - The Evanston Review. December 17, 1953-January 21, 1954, Obituaries. (accessed March 2009, search words 'jessie jane chandler' EHC Evanston Landmarks Binder

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