Jane Blaikie Hoge

Name: Jane Blaikie Hoge (Blaikie)
Birth Date: 1815
Birth Place: Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA
Death Date: 1890
Death Location: Chicago Illinois, USA


Jane Blaikie Hoge (1815-1890) moved to Evanston in 1871 with her husband, A.H. Hoge, and thirteen children. Once here Hoge became affiliated with the U.S. Sanitary Commission, raising funds to support the Union effort during the Civil War. She was also a founder of the Evanston College for Ladies, a trustee for Northwestern University, and a member of First Baptist Church. She became an activist for women’s issues, and an advocate for better care for soldiers.

Father: George Dundas Blaikie
Children: Thirteen: Holmes Hoge, Howard, Elizabeth, Charles, Johnanna, Maggie, Martin
Education: Brewers Classical School for Young Ladies
Years in Evanston: 1871-1876

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