Helen Balfour Morrison

Name: Helen Balfour Morrison (Balfour)
Birth Date: August 1, 1900
Birth Place: Evanston IL
Death Date: November 6, 1984
Death Location: Highland Park IL
Burial Place: Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois


Helen Balfour Morrison was an accomplished photographer and artist. She began her photography career with a business in Evanston, working with her brother for many years as a commercial photographer. In later years, she started her “Great Americans” portrait collection while resuming her commercial business. In 1943 she became lighting director and artistic collaborator with the modern dancer, Sybil Shearer and by the mid-1950s was photographer Shearer exclusively.

Father: Alexander Balfour
Mother: Fannie Susan Lin
Children: None
Education: Completed High School
Years in Evanston: 1900-1934

Sources: Clippings and papers in the archives of the Morrison Shearer Foundation, Northbrook, Illinois -- www.morrisonshearer.org.

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