Frances Mary Iglehart

Name: Frances Mary Iglehart (Gano)
Birth Date: 1819
Death Date: April 23, 1886


Frances Iglehart was an early settler: when she moved to Evanston there were only about 800 people in the area. The land was swampy and undeveloped. The only formal religious congregation was the newly formed Methodist Church, so Iglehart helped found the First Baptist Church. She created an ecumenical Sunday school in her parlor. This gradually expanded to include adult worship. Her sewing machine became the first pulpit. This gathering was referred to as the Oakton Chapel. In April, 1858, 6 people (including her) officially chartered the First Baptist Church. The name was later changed to the Lake Street Church of Evanston in 1995. Today, members of the church remember her by placing their annual pledge cards on her sewing machine. She was nicknamed the ‘Mother of Lake Street Church’, and a monument to her stands in the back of the church’s sanctuary. Included as part of Lake Street Church’s cloud of witnesses during the celebration of the church’s 150th Anniversary in 2008.

Children: Four: Kate Inglehart Hoge; Fannie (Inglehart) Booth, later Fannie D. Rhodes; Anne (Inglhart)Odell; Nicholas Gano Iglehart (& his wife Ella Gano), of Evanston.
Years in Evanston: 1856-1880

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