Eleanor J. Frazier

Name: Eleanor J. Frazier
Birth Date: 1937


Frazier’s involvement with the Black Cotillion in Evanston, through the NorShore Twelve, brought grace, elegance and culture to the community. With her watchful eye, many young women were guided into womanhood. Annually, the event attracted hundreds of guests to the Sherman House in downtown Chicago. Activities executed by Frazier were as follows: scheduling, costuming, distributing press releases, determining themes and music, rehearsals, and mailing invitations to new sets of bright young women.

Father: Wilbur Frazier
Mother: Annabelle Crawford
Education: Dillard University, Northeastern University
Years in Evanston: left Evanston in 1977 when married

Sources: Shorefront magazine; ancestry.com