Annabelle Frazier

Name: Annabelle Frazier (Crawford)
Birth Date: 1918
Birth Place: Evanston IL
Death Date: 2005
Death Location: Northbrook IL


Frazier is the grand-daughter of prominent black landowner Anthony Crawford. Crawford was lynched in 1927 in Abbeville, South Carolina which prompted several black families in the town to travel north, specifically to Evanston. Born in Evanston, Frazier was a physical representation of the southern influence on Evanston. Mother to Eleanor “Brownie” Frazier, who was an important influence on the Black Cotillion in Evanston, Frazier was also involved with the Cotillion and the Ladies Auxiliary organization.

Father: George Crawford
Mother: Anna B. Washington
Children: Eleanor J. Frazier

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