Cora Lee Watson

Name: Cora Lee Watson (Wideman)
Birth Date: June 25, 1881 (Her birth date is not official, it is the year assuming she started school at the age of 6.)
Birth Place: Abbeyville, South Carolina, USA
Death Date: October 19, 1982
Burial Place: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Northbrook, Illinois


Cora Lee Watson co-founded the North Shore Community House, formerly known as the Iroquois League. The organization provided support for African American working girls who worked in Evanston. It offered housing and educational programs, and served as a community center as well. Watson served as President from 1926-1931 and again for a time beginning in 1951.

Mother: Millie Wideman
Children: Five: Anna, Melicent, Rufus, Cora (Christine), Henrietta
Years in Evanston: 1914-1982

Sources: Archives and Collections: Watson, Cora. Biographical Files. Evanston History Center. Evanston, Illinois. Interview transcript with Cora and Anna Watson conducted by S.F. Patton

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