Evanston Women and the 19th – Updates!

Evanston Women and the 19th is a web resource that was introduced by the Evanston Women’s History Project last fall. The information on the collections is valuable, and recent updates make the materials more interactive and engaging for visitors. These updates include: a new contextual timeline that opens the exhibit, offering visitors a view of […]

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A Wheel Within A Wheel

Frances Willard wrote many books and countless speeches, newspaper articles, pamphlets, etc during her busy life as a temperance reformer and women’s rights advocate. One of the most interesting is the little book she wrote about her experience late in life of taking up the new hobby of bicycle riding. In honor of the start

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Evanston and Women's Suffrage

From Evanston’s earliest years, women were active locally and nationally in advocating for women’s suffrage. As early as 1876, Evanston was home to the Pro and Con Club, organized by Elizabeth Boynton Harbert, author and suffrage activist, for the purpose of discussing women’s suffrage. Harbert had participated in the founding of the American Woman’s Suffrage Association

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EWHP Programs

Announcing two special program options for groups who’d like to access Evanston women’s history in a new way. Groups can now schedule a special viewing of the women’s history exhibit, with either a brief exhibit introduction and tour, or a special program created for them. Groups can also schedule a private bus tour of Evanston’s

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Florence Walrath

Following her sister’s experience with infertility, Florence Walrath (1877-1958) founded The Cradle adoption agency in 1923.  At the time, adoption facilities had not changed much since the 19th Century.  Walrath and The Cradle became leaders in the effort to dignify adoption and improve the quality of child care in these agencies. She and her staff

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Alice Bunker Stockham

Alice Bunker Stockham (1833-1912) was a doctor who specialized in pediatrics and women’s reproductive health. She wrote pioneering books and pamphlets on female sexuality at a time when the subject was taboo, founded a publishing house to print them, and later was tried and found guilty of sending improper material through the mail. She came

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Margery Carlson

World renowned botanist and conservation advocate Margery Carlson (1892-1985) lived in Evanston from 1930 until her death in 1985. She taught botany at Northwestern University and was a research associate at the Field Museum, helping build its plant collection through her travels around the world. Later she was involved with the Illinois Nature Conservancy, helping

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