Fifteen Evanston Women Who Persisted

The 2018 Tour Evanston Women’s History Map highlights the stories of fifteen Evanston women and women’s organizations around the theme She Persisted. It provides a fun, informative and relevant summer activity for self-guided walking, biking and driving tours. The map costs $10 and will be available for purchase from 1-4 pm Thursdays and Sundays at the Frances Willard House, and Thursday-Sunday at the Evanston History Center.

The map is created from research completed by staff, interns and volunteers of the Evanston Women’s History Project, in partnership with the Frances Willard House Museum and Shorefront Legacy Center. The map includes brief historical information about each woman or organization. For more detailed information, you can find each of them in the research database.

  • Frances Willard
  • Evanston College for Ladies
  • Catharine Waugh McCulloch
  • Margery Carlson
  • Lorraine Morton
  • Florence Walrath
  • Carrie Crawford Smith
  • Mayme Spencer
  • Dr. Isabella Garnett
  • Dr. Elizabeth Webb Hill
  • Helen Cromer Cooper
  • Gladys Dick
  • Alice Bunker Stockham
  • Idea Strong Hammond
  • Marguerite Stitt Church