A Closer Look at the EWHP: Project Staff

Project Coordinator. A short and misleading title. It sounds so simple, but it belies the fact that long-time Evanston resident Lori Osborne, EWHP’s Project Coordinator, does the job of about three different people.

First, Lori oversees the work that I do each week. We have weekly (sometimes twice weekly) meetings to keep communication between us open and frequent. She also coordinates the work of the advisory group which is comprised of representatives from all of our project partners; they meet about once a month. Perhaps her most important duty, Lori helps all of us stay on track…she keeps us focused on the project’s ultimate goals, even when we are engaged in some tasks that make it hard to think about the bigger picture.

In addition to heading the EWHP Project, Lori is the archivist at the Evanston History Center, is an active member of her church and of the Woman’s Club of Evanston, and is a wife and mother of three!


In the end, the project would not be possible without Lori’s leadership, her skill at multitasking and juggling a million ideas at once, as well as her ability to make connections to others and to other organizations.