Naomi Pollard Dobson

Name: Naomi Pollard Dobson (Pollard)
Birth Date: October 1883
Birth Place: Mexico, Missouri
Death Date: August 3, 1971
Death Location: New York City


Naomi Pollard Dobson was the first Black female graduate of Northwestern University. Pollard was born in Missouri and moved with her family to Rogers Park in 1886. After graduating from Northwestern in 1905, Pollard became a school teacher. She later attended the University of Chicago to receive her librarian certificate and became a librarian in the Chicago Public Library system. Pollard married Dr. Richard Dobson in 1916. They moved to Sioux City, Iowa where Pollard was involved in various organizations including the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, and the Iowa Assocation of Colored Women’s Clubs. She later moved to New York City and was president of the Women’s Auxilliary of Syndenham Hospital, an early Black hospital.

Father: John Pollard
Mother: Amanda Hughes Pollard
Children: Richard Allen
Education: Northwestern University, University of Chicago
Years in Evanston: as a student at Northwestern, 1901-1905

Sources: Rogers Park Historical Society