Leah LoMar

Name: Leah LoMar (Gluck)
Birth Date: 1922
Death Date: January 30, 1968
Death Location: St. Francis Hospital


Leah LoMar (1922-1968) was a well-known figure in the establishment of Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) chapters throughout Evanston and founding the Chute Middle School and Dawes School PTA. She also held Presidential seats in the Dawes and Nichols PTA, as well as a Vice Presidential seat at Chute. Her engagement in the PTA earned her a life membership in the national PTA, and an elected director of the National PTA’s District 21. LoMar, who advocated for equity and accessibility in education, was also a member of the School District 65 advisory committee on integration in schools. Beyond her work in education, LoMar was a graduate of Purdue University and a licensed Research chemist and medical technician. Early in her career, she worked at St. Francis Hospital where she was in charge of the chemistry laboratory and blood bank. LoMar continued her work on education in Evanston until her death in 1968, at the age of 46 due to illness. 

Father: David Gluck
Children: Bruce, Toby
Education: Purdue University
Years in Evanston: 26

Sources: Evanston History Center Bio Files, Evanston Library Archives

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