Eliza Clark Garrett

Name: Eliza Clark Garrett (Clark)
Birth Date: March 5, 1805
Birth Place: New York
Death Date: November 24,1855
Death Location: Chicago
Burial Place: Rosehill Cemetery


Eliza Garrett was a deeply religious woman with “that spiritual quality which attracts the imagination of men.” When her husband Augustus Garrett died she inherited half of his estate, approximately $300,000. It had long been her desire to do something for her church and advisers suggested the founding of a theological school. She was the first woman to found a theological seminary and was present at the dedication of the Garrett Biblical Institute building, Dempster Hall, on January 1, 1855 but died later in the year.

Children: Imogene; Charles; John
Years in Evanston: Never lived in Evanston; came to Chicago in 1834

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