Daisy Sandidge

Name: Daisy Sandidge
Birth Date: March 3, 1877
Birth Place: Belton Texas, USA
Death Date: August 10, 1947
Death Location: Belton Texas, USA


Evanston’s first female alderman was Daisy Sandidge (1877-1947). Elected in 1932 to represent the fifth ward, Sandidge was active in the League of Women Voters and the Woman’s Club of Evanston. Upon election she said: “I know it is something of an innovation to have a woman seated on the city council, but my theory is that women have something to contribute to government, inasmuch as many of our municipal problems so directly affect the home.”


Daisy Sandidge was an activist involved in Evanston politics and was the first female elected alderman to the Fifth Ward in 1932. Born in Belton, Texas in 1877, Sandidge moved to Evanston in 1916 and stayed until her death in 1947. Through her involvement in the League of Women’s Voters and the Woman’s Club of Evanston, Sandidge was directly able to take domestic issues affecting women and the home and represent them in the public city council sphere from a woman’s perspective. Daisy Sandidge was appointed the first female alderman of Evanston in a time of great advancement for the City of Evanston, as it was during this time of influence the first African-American alderman (Edwin B. Jourdain) was also appointed. She played an influential role in shaping the way government was perceived in Evanston and encouraged other women to get involved in politics. Theresa Rew Long was the second women appointed alderman (First Ward) shortly afterwards.

Father: Andrew Jackson Sandidge
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Allen
Education: Belton College. University of Chicago.
Years in Evanston: 1916-1947

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