Anne Millar

Name: Anne Millar (George)
Birth Date: July 12, 1879
Birth Place: Columbia Missouri, USA
Death Date: September 1973


Anne Millar (1879-1973) was born in Columbia, Missouri to a Presbyterian minister, but by 1920 had married and moved to Evanston, Illinois. She was fluent in four languages and became a translator. In the 1910s she went to Italy to study under Dr. Maria Montessori, a revolutionary educator. During WWII she joined Dr. Montessori in Spain. She then brought the Montessori method to America — becoming the first American teacher to apply this method when she established a school in Tarrytown, NY. In addition, she also made Montessori’s method available to others as she was the first to translate her works into English. Besides being an educator and linguist, she was also an art aficionado. She helped found the Evanston Art Center before passing away in 1973.

Education: University of Chicago 8 month course in Rome, Italy with Montessori Goucher College Latin School
Years in Evanston: c.1920-1961

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