North End Mother’s Club


Activities focused on community service for Evanston youth. The organization has always worked closely with local schools, creating school libraries and supporting arts education and other extracurricular activities. For many years the organization was solely responsible for sponsoring 4th of July events, including the parade. North End Mother’s Club also sponsored Fortnightly and still gives out the annual Senior Girl award to an outstanding ETHS student.


Originally called the Mothers’ Club of Central School, the North End Mother’s Club was founded in 1911 by a group of Northwest Evanston women concerned about neighborhood youth. Early activities included collecting and donating books to the local library and providing textbook and musical instrument rental to children. When a local child was seriously injured by a fireworks mishap in 1921, the club formed the “Safe and Sane Fourth of July Patriotic Education Committee” and began the 4th of July celebrations that Evanston is known for today. In 1952, the club created the “Senior Girls’ Honor Award” to fill the void in awards for high school girls of distinction, which it still gives out today. It further gives out the STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics) Scholarship and the Joanne Murphy Trautwein Scholarship.


As founder of the annual 4th of July celebration, the North End Mother’s Club created an event that is the key public event for the community each year. Additionally, the club is a long time advocate for the welfare of Evanston youth.

Founded: Spring 1911

Founders: Mrs. Charles M. Cartwright, Mrs. Carl Mohr

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