Girl’s League


Founded in June 1913, the Girl’s League of Evanston provided safe, inexpensive housing for single working women who were not from Evanston, but came here to work at the shops, restaurants, and businesses in the city. They held positions as factory operators, retail clerks, or clerical workers. The residents were supervised by house mothers. There was a kitchen, laundry facitileis, a living room and a gymnasium in the building. Originally located at First Methodist Church parsonage, the club purchased a house at 1460 Maple in 1919. In 1922 the club was renamed the Young Women’s Community Club. The Patten family donated a house at 1310 Maple in 1929. the club operated four houses at the height of its work, each housing 15 girls.

Though the residents paid rent, it was never enough to fully fund the expenses of the organization, so a board of trustees raised funds through subscriptions and community donations. During the depression this community support was essential, allowing the organization to continue operating at a critical time. The YWCC voted to dissolve in January 1950 due to lack of demand.

Founders: Mrs. Ernest Reckitt (President); Mr. F.W. Harnwell (VP); Mrs. James A. Patten (Treasurer); Mrs. G.W. Kaufmann (Secretary). Mayor James Smart and ETHS Principal W. T. Beardsley were also on the first board.