Bartelme Home for Girls


The purpose of the Bartelme Home was to “Give care and guidance to dependent adolescent girls” (under the age of 16) and “Care for such girls in need of home care and training.” Bartelme Home had toy demonstration parties in members’ homes to raise funds. It also hosted birthday movies in the 1950s for kids. The Home also hosted a Mary Bartleme Day in August and an Annual Tag Day, as well as a Valentine’s Ball and Have-A-Heart Tag Day.


The Bartelme Home for Girls was founded in 1914 to “give care and guidance to dependent adolescent girls…in need of home-care and training.” Named for its founder Mary Bartelme, Cook County judge and youth advocate, the Mary Club (as it was informally called) served girls under sixteen years of age, offering them a place to live, socialize and receive job-skills training. For many years, the club was located in Bartelme’s former home at 1102 Elmwood Avenue. Two other sister clubs were located in Chicago. The Evanston club operated until the 1950s.

Founded: 1914

Founders: Mary M. Bartelme, "suitcase Mary", only woman judge in 1923 Cook County Mrs. Ella Eaton

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