EHC Mother’s Day House “Walk-By”

The Evanston History Center Mother’s Day House Walk will be a “Walk-By” this year. EHC invites people to (safely) walk, ride, or drive (following social distancing guidelines) in order to take part. The House Walk-By begins on Mother’s Day, May 10, and continues every day afterwards.

About this year’s walk: In honor of the centennial of the passage of the 19th amendment, EHC highlights the homes of Evanston women who fought for suffrage and those who served their community through elected office. House Walk tickets come in the form of pdf book (emailed to you) with scores of house histories and images that highlight the homes of the many women on this year’s tour.

Ticket cost: $30, with an EHC member discount of $5 off. Books will continue to be available for purchase after Mother’s Day for $35 each.