Evanston Women Make History!

We are excited to offer a new educational resource for middle and high school-aged students — Evanston Women Make History — a Web Quest for use in the classroom.

A Web Quest is a problem-solving project that requires students to search for, analyze, and creatively present information found on the Internet.  The EWHP Web Quest, entitled Evanston Women Make History, asks students to imagine that they are part of a committee to research and identify important people, places, and events in the history of Evanston to include in a book celebrating the city’s 150th anniversary.  In small groups, the students must specifically utilize the information found in the EWHP database to provide recommendations for or against the inclusion of women in this book.  Students present their findings in the form of an oral/multimedia presentation, skit, or poster.

For all the Web Quest materials click on the Resources tab at the top. For the Database, click on Research Database tab at the top.

Student learning objectives include learning about the historical role of Evanston women in the areas of art, education, government and politics, medicine, and social welfare, and developing an understanding of how women have contributed to the history and development of the city of Evanston.

Feedback is welcome! If you and/or your students use the Web Quest we’d love to hear from you. Just send us an email or respond to this post.