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Women Who Served

Visit the Evanston History Center research room to see a new small exhibit that tells the story of Evanston women who served in WWI and WWII. The exhibit was curated by our Fall intern, Hannah Van Loon. It covers several stories of Evanston women in the wars. Here is just a highlight…

Mary Glenn (1892-1972) served in the motor corps as an emergency driver. For the first nine months she worked for the secret service shuttling goods between the Steven’s building in Chicago and the Great Lakes Navel Training station. Her truck was sometimes so loaded down that police officers would stand on the bumper to balance it as it drove over the bumpy road.

With a mechanics course under her belt, she was able to become a Red Cross truck driver. She received a Ford ambulance and drove all over the city to pick up Navy men.

Included in the exhibit is the Red Cross armband Glenn wore and a scrapbook kept by her with letters, photographs, clippings and awards from her years of service.

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