Margery Carlson

World renowned botanist and conservation advocate Margery Carlson (1892-1985) lived in Evanston from 1930 until her death in 1985. She taught botany at Northwestern University and was a research associate at the Field Museum, helping build its plant collection through her travels around the world. Later she was involved with the Illinois Nature Conservancy, helping …

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Lorraine Morton

Lorraine Morton (1918- ) came to Evanston in 1941 to study for her Master’s Degree in Education at Northwestern University. In 1953, Morton took a position at Foster School, a segregated K-8 school in Evanston. Quickly she found herself challenging segregation. She was the first African-American teacher at Nichols Middle School and the first African-American …

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Frances E. Willard

World renowned social reformer Frances E. Willard (1839-1898) lived in Evanston all her adult life.  Through her efforts, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union became the largest women’s organization in the U.S. before 1900, and mobilized countless women to take on a wider role in the world through temperance activism.  Her “Do Everything” reform agenda included …

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Alice C.D. Riley

Alice Cushing Donaldson Riley (1864-1953) was an author and playwright who lived in Evanston from 1898 until 1931. She wrote children’s poetry and stories, and several one-act plays. Her best known work is “Slumber Boat,” a familiar children’s lullaby which she co-wrote with Dorothy Gaynor. Her home at 1822 Sheridan Road (now demolished) was the …

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Isabella Garnett

Dr. Isabella Garnett (1872-1948) was born in 1872 to one of Evanston’s earliest African-American families. One of the first African-American female physicians in the state of Illinois, Garnett received her medical degree in 1901 from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Chicago. She returned to Evanston in 1904. Recognizing that hospital care for African-Americans …

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New Frances Willard Exhibit

There’s a new exhibit that focuses on Frances Willard open at Northwestern University Library from now through March 18.  Arguably one of the most famous and influential Evanstonians in the 19th century, Willard left her mark on this community and the world. Here’s the link for more information:

Project Update

We are now entering our third year of work on the Evanston Women’s History Project and are set to go public with the results of all our research.  Spring 2010 will find us updating this web site to include a lot more information about the project and the women and women’s organizations we’ve learned so …

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